Picture Of The Week # 15

Today’s final picture for this week is a little girl sitting in a house 




Source: http://blowfisharmageddon.com/portfolio-2/


This picture was created by another imgurian that I found to be quite interesting named Heather Gwinn. What excites me about this piece is how different it is. A lot of the time art is seen as very abstract or very traditional, not really somewhere in the middle. That being said it also makes it very easy to create boundaries of what art is and isn’t in your head.  This piece I found to help break that a little bit for myself as I tend to sit in a grey area between the middle and traditional, but I definitely like to be able to understand what I’m looking at (for the most part).


This particular piece reminds me that we can see what is there and find meaning in non traditional ways (i.e. actually drawing the little girl in the standard leave it to beaver house). This piece allows me to feel free about the forms my art take and that not everything will be quite what is expected, because really everyone’s expectations are totally different. If I can’t please the expectations then screw it, I’ll do my own thing and that’s what really makes me happy.


I guess this picture really speaks to me because getting caught up in everything is really easy and cutting the strings that catch me allows me to really experience things properly. Screw expectations and standards.


If you have used and Pictures of the week (past or present) feel free to send me your work at strawberryfinn@live.com with some kind of user name and I’ll post you here!


2 comments on “Picture Of The Week # 15

  1. Reblogged this on Heather Gwinn Art and commented:
    What an honor! Many thanks and love to the Finn Man of the Strawberry persuasion!


  2. Love the perceptions on this one. Very interesting!


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